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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Classes for Houston folks

Alright, people has been asking me about classes post SCH.

So, as of today, here's what I drummed up:

Crochet Studio - March 2nd - 6:30p $10
Need help w/ your project? Are you stuck on a pattern? Need help decoding? stop by and I'll give you the help you need. Please bring your project, hook, yarn, and pattern if any.

Crochet I - March 9th - 6:30 - 8:30p $25 ($5 for class material)
If you have never crochet before or vaguely remember what someone in your family taught you, this is the class for you! We will learn how to do chain, single-crochet, half-double crochet, double-crochet, and treble stitches. The we will combine all the stitches we just learned to make a swatch to take home. Decoding basic patterns will also be covered!

Class material: Crochet Hook Size H/5.0mm and a ball of worsted weight yarn. We have materials for you for additional $5.

Crochet II - March 23rd - 6:30 - 8:30p $25 ($5 for class material)
In this class, we will learn to increase, decrease and crochet in rounds. We will give you the guide to read international patterns. We will make a flower from stitches we’ve learned in Crochet I combined with skills we learn in Crochet II. And you’ll even get a pattern for granny squares. How about that!

Class material: Crochet Hook Size H/5.0mm and a ball of worsted weight yarn. We have materials for you for additional $5.

Amigarumi (stuffed toys) March 30th - 6:30p - 8:30p $25 ($5 for class material)
Amigurumi (a-mi-gu-ru-mi) literally means Knitted Stuffed Toy. You’ve seen this cute Japanese style crocheting (and knitting) of cute stuffed creatures around on the internet. Now learn how to make one for yourself. No crochet experience required, some would be great, if not no worries, we’ve got you covered.

Class material: Crochet Hook Size H/5.0mm and a ball of worsted weight yarn. We have materials for you for additional $5.

Last day at SCH

As many of you know, our very beloved Sew Crafty is closing. And today will be my last day teaching there. I've taught there for about 2.5 years. I think aside from Sarah the owner, Melissa the knitting teaching, I'm the 3rd teacher there.

This is very sad for me because that has been my haven. Sarah had created such a warm and fun place. She brought together the most amazing staff together in one spot. Everyone is so talented and amazing at what they do. Not only can do knit, crochet, or sew, they are opened minded enough to do other crafts as well. That just made me feel at home, because I'm just ADD enough to do all sorts of craft.

Not only does the store provide a nice escape for me, it also attracted the nicest customers around. I guess crafters have a common goal in mind, that's to have fun and learn something while they're at it. We have many that got absolutely hooked (haha pardon the pun), and kept coming back for more. More sewing, more knitting, and more crocheting.

This is definitely the end of one chapter. For Sarah, the awesome owner, and for alot of us teachers as well.

That said, what's next? Well, for sure in April thru August, I'll be teaching with West U Rec. Those classes will be a series. Which will cover Crochet I & II, we'll learn how to crochet in circle and end with a pot holder at the end. I am working on some one-off classes in March. I'll post March classes info, shortly. I already have a few of you reaching out for private lesson. So, I'm doing those as well. If you want to ask questions, I'm still entertaining those. If you want to reach out for a lesson, feel free to hit the contact us page.

Bottom line, thank you Sew Crafty for giving me a chance to teach and play at that wonderful playground. I loved every minute I'm there. I wish my day job is just as fun and doesn't feel like work as I did at SCH. Hugs to all the staff. You guys are the best!