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Monday, June 20, 2016

Whipple Hello Kitty editions

Occasionally, I like to do crafts that are mindless and cute.
Came across this Special Edition of Whipple Decoden on eBay.
The box came with 3 kinds of cookies, one donut sandwich and one macaron.  A pack of Whipple 'whipped cream', a few chains, and jewels to decorate with.
Not too shabby, eh?  Just subtle, not gaudy.
Redo the bow with bling instead.
And let's face it, everything with a Hello Kitty Bow is a great thing.
Side view: it has various candy looking beads setting in the middle.

Like I said, I love these mindless crafts to decompress.  It's quick, easy and you feel like you've accomplished something in a short amount of time.  You can chain them up as key chains, great for decorating presents and what nots.  You don't necessary have to get the Whipple ones to play this, Mod Podge has their own 'whipped cream', and you do need the pieces to decorate on.  I got creative and went to the doll house section to get some of the cups, cookies, and what nots.  You can also use paper clay and make your own to decorate on as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Aquabeads - Hello Kitty

I was walking around Tuesday Morning, and saw the Aquabeads Hello Kitty on sale.
Who can pass that up?  What's inside: a Hello Kitty shaped case for you to put your beads in.  Beads, a bead holder pen, water spray, some picture cards for guidance, and a bead tray.
You place the card underneath the bead tray, that serves as your guide to place your beads.  Personally, the pen wasn't as convenient as I though.  It was easier for me to use my hand than the pen.
The card tells you what color goes where, and your bead craft slowly come together.
When you're done, spray with the sprayer.  There's nothing special, just water.   And then you wait for at least an hour.
When it dries, you have a finished product.  You can stick a pin at the back to make a pin.  Or stick on hair clip to make an awesome hair clip decoration.

My tips: I would turn the beads around so that the 'seams' would be on the side, which is the widest part and when you spray, it'll end up 'holding hands' with the neighboring beads and stick better.  When you lift it up, do it gently, as sometimes not all the beads hold hands properly.  Just to lift it and see if it stuck, if not, go back to spray and it will work.

Once you get the box, and you want to do other patterns.  Aquabeads website, has some template that you can do for yourself.  They have seasonal, barrette or rings designs, and other cool stuff.  If you don't have your beads with you, you can play the exact same thing on their site.  Make different patterns on their online game.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Kristara Calligraphy

This is a little outdated, but the book is still good, so thought I put it out anyway.
Back a few months, Kristara Schnippert had her first book came out.  It's really cool because it gives you some calligraphy foundation that is not like the current books out there.  They give you a few sets of calligraphy sets to practice on, and give you tips that you can use.
I took a class from her a few months back, and it's well worth the $100.  Besides the instructions, it comes with pen, nibs, ink, practice pad, and alphabets to practice on.  Not to mention, yummy refreshments and pretty settings too.  If you don't want to spend that money, get the book, it does give you alot of tips you learn in class, and the alphabets in the book help get you started.

I think one thing to keep in mind, which she had told us in class is that you need to treat Calligraphy as its own art form, as opposed to your normal writing.  That somehow clicked with me,  once I did not treat it as a fancier way to write, and treat it as an art to itself, I understand why you have to stroke in a certain way and the weight it needed to be.  Now, when I see calligraphy signs anywhere, I do analyze if it is a down stroke or an up stroke, and what thickness it should be.  

Kristara Co.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yoda lovey

For my friend's shower a few months back, I crocheted a Yoda lovey for her baby.  Her and her husband are Star Wars fan, thought that would be appropriate.
I basically used the pattern here, and boy am I grateful for it.  I haven't been crocheting for a while, and having a quick guide is super helpful.
Basically, it's a bigger granny square and then a lemon for head and leaves for ears.  Obviously, you need green and white yarn and that'll do the trick.  

Instead of safety eyes, I sewn the eyes instead.  You never know how strong little babies can be, or if they decided to use it to sooth the teeth coming out.  Anyway, as safe as those locked eyes are, I just didn't want to chance it.  I also used the Sugar N' Creme yarn, so that if the parents want to wash it, they just need to throw it into the washer and dryer and it'll do the trick.  I you want to make sure none of the stuffing come out, you can put it in a hose and then stuff, it will let you mold it, but since I crocheted it pretty tight, wasn't too concern anything coming out.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Bags

Usually, daycare has a holiday party, but this year, they decided to do PJ & Cookies instead.

So, I had bought all these favors over a month ago, and didn't want them to go to waste, so what did I do...
... pulled out my glue gun, and go to Pinterest.  I saw these very cute reindeer goodie bags, so I thought, they are easy enough.
 The challenge wasn't to glue them together, though that does take time and I find that assembly line was the best approach.  The challenge was to find the eyes, mini candy cane, red nose, and not over sugar the kiddos.

So, I glued the candy cane (not the candy part just the empty plastic part), I was using double sided tape but ran out at mid point.  But I definitely glue-gunned the nose and the eyes.
Final product: ta da!  I put inside little cups with penguins, I put tissue (which parents appreciated), pencil, funny glasses, bouncy balls, and raisins.  I'd figured they get enough candy and chocolate elsewhere anyway.

I hope that help spread some holiday cheers.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Toddler's Christmas tree

For this holiday, the little one is old enough to be kept busy with his own tree.
 I got some left over felt, so I glue some stuff together.  Did I mentioned they are left overs?  They are bits and pieces and try to make something decent out of it was a challenge.
 And I got these foam shapes from Target's One Spot.  It was not bad because...
 They also have these adhesive rhinestones, and...
... these borders.  So I decorate the shapes and then the kid is ready to decorate.

I used painters tape to stick the tree on the wall, and I cut the star and tree out.  I also used all the caps from the pouches as well.  The key to it all is that you stick the 'hook' part of the velcro on the back of all the 'ornaments', and then they are ready to be decorated.  
End results: Tada!

I can keep them for next year's Christmas, and or add more to it.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy Bag activity - Sticks and Velcro = Shapes

More busy bag ideas... I saw this on Pinterest, but specifically or rather sophisticatedly was done by Powerful Mothering.  Her kid did some very sophisticated shapes, which are more complex and impressive.
 Easy enough, supplies: Jumbo craft sticks, I chose the colored ones.  Velcro both hook and loops, tape one on each end of the stick.  I only did one side, but you're welcome to both sides.
 Great way to teach little ones shapes.
Or have them attempt to make their own.  (no my kid did not make that, but that is his favorite shape).    Easy enough, pack it on the go.  Of course, expect a few to disappear too.