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Monday, June 29, 2015

Busy Bag activity - Pizza

Another Pinterest project.  I was inspired by My Little Son Beam blog.
 You get at least 3 colors felt, you can have more depends on your toppings.
 Have your crust and your tomato sauce.  Velcro on the bottom of the 'sauce'.
 Cheese - I cut the velcro in half to get more out of it.
 Finally, pepperoni.  
Voila!  Pizza!  I've seen others have slices of bell peppers, mushroom, pineapple, and tomato.  Or use darker colors for 'cooked' meat.  Possibilities are endless.  Again, I put mine in a ziplog bag and go.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Inside EVA AIr Hello Kitty Shining Star Jet

Alright, let's talk more Hello Kitty EVA Air Shining Star Jet Debut!
Yesterday was telling you what they have on the plane, let's actually go see it!
It was pretty dang cool to see the plane get towed to the party space.  You get to see all of its glory from afar, and just to be so close with a plane in person (not counting walking to a puddle jumper), this is pretty darn awesome to see a plane this close.
 First class seats, cocoon style, you have your lights, controls, magazine rack and game controller that has Hello Kitty on it!  Don't worry, it's just the welcome message.
While you're seated, your personalized screen also has the Hello Kitty welcome message.  Nice pillow to match!
 Every flight attendant that works on the crew has a Hello Kitty apron, way to go to put the whole thing together!
Even the Safety Information Card has been Kitty-fied.  Or rather, Twin-Star-fied.
Back of the Safety Card.  I'm surprised they didn't put Kitty Illustration on the pictures themselves.  Maybe they'd afraid people won't take them seriously?  I just know that people who are fans will be taking these cards home, I know I would.
In-flight catalog for your purchase.  If you don't want a used pillow case, you can buy your very own.  And if you do, you get a pretty cool Hello Kitty bag to boot.
 Even the barf bag is super cute.  How can you barf when you see this cuteness?!  Details, people, they are super awesome at details!
For the First Class folks, since they have their individual screens, where the old main screen used to be, has now been replaced by a specially commissioned piece for the plane.
Don't fret for the Economy Class passengers, they also get the nifty details too, if anything more of it.  Here's a Welcome message when you site down at your personal screen.  In English, and in...
Japanese.  They have one in Chinese as well.  I haven't seen the one in French just yet.  Maybe it was cycling thru.  But it's all super cute.
Every head rest cover is matching the theme of the plane.
 There's no boring seats here, I tell you!  It's all fun and happy.
Besides that, every seat has a themed pillow with a blanket.  Too bad the blanket is standard EVA Air issued, otherwise, it would definitely be the most lifted blanket in the airlines history.
 Remember that First Class has pictures?  Well, Econ Class has the welcome message.
 One of the Flight Attendants held up the pillow for my photo.  This was their first time to Houston, and they toured all the important places, as this will be their normal route, better get to know the city.
 What you will find in every bathroom: soap, lotion, aroma mist, and facial mist, in case you need a bit of a pick me up.  In First Class, they also have the similar set up, though it is a different brand and have different packaging.
Remember I was telling you about the details?  Yes, those are Hello Kitty TP.  Every square has Hello Kitty prints on them.  We've actually seen these at the Hello Kitty Con back in October in LA.  But these are plane themed, pretty dang cool.  Even the cup to raise after you brush has Kitty on it.
 Here's the shopping bag you get when you purchase anything Hello Kitty onboard.  I'm sure you can buy other EVA Air merchandised as well, but the Hello Kitty items are flight specific.  So, they don't even offer that on their Sky Shop.  Though, they do have the catalog on their site and you can drool over that.
That was the end our tour and this is the end of the plane.  Look at that detail.  Simply Amazing.

This was truly a once in a lifetime event.  I've never toured a plane before, private or commercial (museum ones don't count), nor have I been on the plane before it's inaugural run.  Meaning: no one's butts been in those seats.  This is their first run of this route for this airline and plane.  Everything was just awesome.  Details were to a T, everything was well thought out.  It satisfied alot of Kitty Fans dreams, I'm sure.  The launch event itself, besides the business portion of it, thanking the local authorities and business partners; they were thoughtful enough have entertainment flown in from Japan to perform, crew to get all dressed up for the event.  Every single EVA Air ground or flight crew has been super pleasant.  Food, display, and organization was as thoughtful as the plane they featured, not one detail was missed.  Very honored to have been invited to the event.  Special thanks to my friend Sarah and her friend Melissa.  It was also good to have met MalibuMara and her friend, who helped take some of the pictures of me and the plane, as they pity me trying to selfies everywhere I went.  Sigh... I can dream of going on this plane now.

For more flight information, go to EVA Air.  If you're not flying any time soon, but want some Kitty Swag, go to their Sky Shop.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Launch - Shining Star

If you're interested in the food on board or at the party, please go to http://pattyanddavid.blogspot.com/ for pictures and details.
I'm not going to lie, this launch is a Hello Kitty fan's dream come true... the only thing shy of this trip is boarding that plane to go see Hello Kitty in person in Japan... *drool*
Here's the stuff features for all Hello Kitty airplanes, as featured by Flight Attendant Kitty herself.
The bags you see there, are all for when you make any Sky Shop purchase in flight.
Here are your luggage tags and in case you need a Fragile sticker, that's also have Kitty on it.
Since the theme for this plane is Shining Star, which featured Little Twin Stars, these are plane specific items, such as the Safety Information card, and playing cards.
Special pillow cases for this flight.
These headrest covers are also special to this plane only.  The rest: toilet paper, post cards, pends, and baby bottles are same on all planes, and available for use.
They brought the huge Flight Attendant Kitty and Captain Daniel to Houston... wonder if anybody notice if I walk out with them.... 
As you can see all inflight stuff, down to the wet nap and normal napkins are matching with the theme of the plane.  Even the place mat for your meal and the utensils.  I know for a fact that even sugar packs have Kitty on it.
Soap, Lotion, and Facial Mist, there's also an aroma mist too...  The white label is for economy class and the darker label is for first class cabin.  It is also a brand name in Japan as well.  And that cloth it's set on, is the first class napkin.  Make no mistakes, the entire set up is very well thought out.
All flight attendants on Kitty Jets have the Special Kitty apron.  I do know for a fact that all pilots used to have a Kitty Tie and a Evergreen Kitty Pin, which was the first generation EVA Air's Kitty Pin.  The box you see here is for the kids meal, which has a lunch box in the shape of Kitty's famous bow and the cups are drinking cups use onboard, which is matching the theme of the plane.
Ahhh, comfy pillows!!!  They are all set to the theme of the seasons.  These are 2014 seasons, you can see more of these and what they've used years past here.
They also featured each of the 7 Kitty Jets separately.  This is Kitty's Speedy Puff, they are all on clouds that takes them to their destinations, more importantly, they take the somersault clouds from Eastern Folklore as theme for this plane.
This is Kitty's Happy Music Jet.  You can barely see it, but there are music notes along with the logo.  That is to inspire cheerfulness while in the air, like a happy symphony. 
This is Sanrio Family Hand in Hand, which extends their warm hand of friendship to every passenger to the flight.  To bridge happiness and global friendship to all.
Shining Star, which featured Lala & Kiki with their Teddy Bear, along with My Melody & Hello Kitty.  Where the plane takes you through the starry skies.  Ironically, their flights in and out of Houston are during the night time, it's usually around 11pm and land about 1am.  So, you will see the stars while taking this flight.
This is Hello Kitty's Magic Star, which has her and her entire family soaring thru the sky.
This Hello Kitty's Around the World Jet actually featured several landmarks in Taiwan and Japan.  To signify the featured destination that the plane often travels to.  While Taipei is the hub and it goes to various cities in Japan.  Most recently, EVA Kitty Air also travels to Paris.
Last but not least, this is Hello Kitty Loves Apple.  Not only that, she is actually 5 apples tall and weight 3 apples (don't do the math), and her favorite food is her mom's apple pie. 
Her friend, Tippy is at the helm as chef, cooking up all sorts of cuteness and have different seasonal gears to match.  They do think of everything, this is sets to the seasons.
Her friend, Tiny Chum as the head engineer to make sure everyone gets to their destinations safely.  They also featured on flight snacks with specially Kitty packaged ice cream, rice cake snakes and candy.  There ain't no peanuts here....
Alright, bet you're dying to see the plane itself... here she is in her glory.  They were really cute, they even queued the Star Wars music as the plane arrived.  This is the front of the plane, even the engine is decorated with stars.
Towards the tail is My Melody & Hello Kitty, casually riding on a star.  Too cute!

Tomorrow, more about what's inside the plane!  For more information on the flight or just play around at the Hello Kitty jet site, go to EVA Air.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Party like a Rockstar - EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet Launch event

Man, I was super excited to be part of the EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet launch event.  Warning: photo heavy post!
 Wow, never attended a private event at the airport before.  Not to mention it's Hello Kitty!!!
 When you checked in, they gave you these awesome badges that I'll keep forever and ever.  And since we were early, we got some bows and stars too... Don't worry, we left a few for the others.  Haha.
 After waiting around for a bit, the buses took us to the field where the party is.  We get to walk the red carpet and be greeted by Lala & Kiki.  As they should be the first to greet you because the debut plane is the Shining Star, which feature the Twins and their pet bear.
 Next, we were greeted by Hello Kitty herself.  She is featured at the back of the plane by the tail.
 My Melody was also on hand to greet us, as she is sharing the spotlight with Hello Kitty at the tail of the plane. 
 Ground crew and Houston Astros' Cheerleaders practicing the banner for when the jet arrives.  All look professional and ready to take their places.
Stage all set up for the speakers, honored guests, and dancers.  Yes, they flown in dancers from Puroland, in Japan to perform with all the characters. 
 Photo booth with Little Twin Stars and My Melody.  Don't laugh but alot of grown men go take pictures with them.  It's a rare opportunity.
 They featured onboard amenities.  Oh.... I want them all...
 Items you can purchase inflight at their Sky Shop.
 Special featured items for EVA Air and Hello Kitty, for each of the plane design, which there are 7 of them.  They have a featured bus with the same design as a die cut toy/collectable item.
 For fun, they also sell 3D Puzzle of each of the designs airplanes too.
 More featured items that are available on board.
 Service item, and you can buy them for your home.  So, the awesome cute pillow that are on board, you can get a clean one for yourself at home.
 Kitty Mama, Yuko Yamaguchi, doing signing for special guests.  I wasn't one of them, so didn't get one.  But if you're special enough, she will draw the entire Hello Kitty for you... unlike most people just sign a already made or pre-printed photo.  That's awesome!
 Tons of gift bags for attendees after the plane tour....
Closer Look?  This is the bag they would've given you, if you make any purchase on the flight.  Super special!!!!!

Tomorrow, let's talk plane!

For more flight info: go to EVA Air for flight info.